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He is the author of JavaScript Allongé, CoffeeScript Ristretto, and and develops user experiences at PagerDuty. While the articles on his blog are insightful, my only knock is that there isn’t a deep archive of content. Braithewait’s articles are extremely thorough, and the blog’s content quality is very high. Though it has an occasional spelling or grammar blunder, it is otherwise strongly written and laden with supporting evidence. Unfortunately, it has become decreasingly consistent with the publishing of new content since its launch in 2008.

  • This forum contains in-depth guides on different JavaScript functions.
  • A while loop repeats a code block until a condition returns false.
  • String – A variable of this type can contain letters and other characters.
  • Jake writes about the inner workings of JavaScript, Google Chrome, and web performance.
  • I found they publish multiple posts per week and are one of the more popular web dev blogs.

JavaScript supports two types of comments, single line and block. While not a rule of the JavaScript language, a convention followed by most developers is that these names should be in CamelCase. CamelCase capitalizes every word in a name except the first. They rely on special run-time environments and related interpreters—computer programs that execute code without compilation through various methods. Modern web browsers include interpreters that can interpret Javascript code. Brendan Eich created JavaScript in 1995 while working as an engineer at Netscape.

Where to Learn JavaScript: The Best JavaScript Blogs

The final expression increments the variable by 1 for each loop. The JavaScript assignment operators are used to assign values to variables. JavaScript data types are dynamic, which means that a variable can be reassigned to a new type when they are defined with var or let. Number – A variable of this type can be a whole number, decimal, negative number, or scientific notation.

Smashing Magazine has a team of professional programmers to write articles. The chosen topics are extremely diverse but divided into clear groups. The JavaScript series is mostly tutorials written specifically. But, it doesn’t matter because there is a quick summary right at the top of the article.

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The articles are illustrative guides to help beginners understand the concepts easily and gain programming knowledge. The blog articles are simplified and contain practical tips that beginners can use to solidify their Javascript knowledge. This blog offers crowdsourced posts for general computer programming topics, not just JavaScript. It is updated daily, so you can always find something new to read. The writing style is diverse since it is crowdsourced, but the articles are short and straightforward. However, it also contains technical articles for more advanced JavaScript developers.

Understanding JavaScript Objects: What They Mean and How to Create Them

Posts are crowd-sourced an updated in real-time, providing a huge centralized source of new content that you can also post a response to. Many of the articles are simple, short-form posts, but the majority of posts maintain a high standard of technical mastery. With any community blog, the diverse community means diverse writing quality and style. is no exception, but the blog’s standard is higher than expected. Posts are aesthetically pleasing and refined enough to prevent grammar mistakes.

java script blogger

This means you can use JavaScript to build a complete web application from the backend to the frontend. You couldn’t exactly call yourself a hacker now, but that was pretty simple. After this action, you should see an alert pop up that says, “Hello, World.” Now let’s learn more about JavaScript so we can start writing code that does more. Below are some of the options you have when adding Javascripts to your Blogger or blogspot blog. See for yourself what makes Butter the best Javascript blog engine out there. Click the button below to sign up for your free 30-day trial.

Edidiong Asikpo’s Blog

I looked at the depth of each blog’s technical content and the usefulness of that content. I read a few posts from start to finish to get a sense of the writing quality and comprehensibility. I looked at how consistently each web dev blog publishes new content, and I did some digging to learn how long each site has been around. Most of these blogs are similar in that they offer in-depth articles on other areas of web development, making them ideal blogs for programmers.

java script blogger

The limited archive of JavaScript articles is made up for by technical command. The blog’s writing quality is above average and offers many in-text links, visuals, and examples. They publish new articles monthly but has only been around this year. CSS Wizardry is the blog of Harry Roberts, an award-winning independent Web Engineering Consultant. He has worked with well-known organizations such as Google, the BBC, The UN, and General Electric. The blog’s archive of articles consists solely of technical tips and tricks Harry has used while working with high-profile clients.

Success Lessons From the Top JavaScript Blogs

In general, Smashing Magazine is one of the early-bird websites on coding knowledge. Therefore, it cannot ignore the JavaScript topic that is currently the most popular programming language. Besides, Wes Bos also built a series of more than 80 articles for JavaScript beginners. With such abundant knowledge, you can get a basic understanding without learning from other resources. In addition, all the articles have audio versions on The Syntax Podcast, so it is extremely convenient to study anytime and anywhere.

Firebase Push notifications with React Native (Android)

It hosts a collection of articles dating back to 2012 and open-source contributions from the team. Articles are technical explanations and conference summaries, the latter of which was more insightful than I anticipated. Articles are fluid, in-depth, and feature a natural blend of facts backed up with links and visuals. Blog posts are published inconsistently from anywhere between one to three months. The blog is an interesting look into a decorated web designer’s mind but doesn’t offer much for a new web developer.

The blog is strictly technical, and thus posts are geared towards active developers familiar with programming fundamentals. This developer blog’s writing quality Online Gaming: What is it and how to stay safe online is not perfect but compares well against other company blogs. Articles are formatted sensibly and utilize a variety of supporting images and code examples.

The formatting is not always the best, but the content is otherwise solid. Each article contains multiple visuals but, unfortunately, doesn’t include many supporting links. Juristr is a blog by Italian software architect Juri Strumpflohner, a Google Developer Expert in Web Tech and an Instructor. The blog is a personal portfolio but has many useful resources, such as all his course uploads and regular technical articles.

His blog for programmers is a collection of web development articles, tutorials, and demos. Articles are not incredibly long, but are technically sound and helpful to almost any programmer. Minor spelling and grammar issues are present, but not enough to detract from the value-add and presentation of the content. Rachel Andrew is a notable web developer, writer, public speaker. She’s also a Co-founder of Perch CMS and Notist, and a member of the CSS Working Group.

Accordingly, you may apply these conditional tags for rendering your JavaScript codes as per requirements. Fortunately, I was online that time and able to help him within 7 minutes. Firstly, I send him the link for inserting CSS codes properly in blogger template and then advice the rest through further conversations. There are lots of other JavaScript related queries in my inbox and here I am just trying to elaborate those in a brief manner for all of you. Hugo writes Node.js and JavaScript Guides for the working developer. Get from “how do I X?” to “done” with straight to the point posts.

The minus point of JavaScript Sexy is that the articles are most suggestive of basic knowledge. So, reading other resources for further information is necessary if you are an experienced developer. Edidiong Asikpo writes about building websites and technical writing. She’s a Developer Advocate at Hashnode and has given talks about contributing to open source and web development.

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